France's flag to ilustrate my french knowledge

I have alredy completed my french option at the univerisity!

USA's flag to ilustrate my english knowledge

I am fluent in English

Spain flag yada yada

I am a native spanish speaker

Programming languages

I have got some experience with programming but I am aiming to learn much more. I would try and rate my skills:

  • HTML: 7/10
  • Java: 7/10
  • CSS: 6/10
  • JavaScript: 4/10
  • SQL: 4/10
  • Python: 3/10
  • Matlab: 2/10
  • GML: 2/10

I know there is a lot more you can learn from every language so I am trying to keep my rating fair.

Some other skills

pencil and paper

I am good at writing texts and I try to communicate the best I can through them.

people in a teamwork hug :D

I think i can handle teamworking. I try my best to not let my team down and/or encourage them



A symbol for videogames. A controller

I really like videogames! I play a lot in my spare time. My favorite games at the moment are Battlerite, League of Legends and Dead by Daylight. I really enjoy following their development!


A symbol for drawing. A pencil

I have always enjoyed drawing when I am bored and there is a paper sheet by my side

TV shows and Movies

A symbol for TV shows and Movies. A clapperboard

I especially like Sci fi movies and anime. My favorite animes at the moment are My Hero Academia 👊 and Attack on titan 🔥. I think Interestelar ⭐ is my favorite sci fi movie of all time

Contact Information