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France's flag to ilustrate my french knowledge

I completed an option in french language and culture at my univerisity

USA's flag to ilustrate my english knowledge

I am fluent in English

Spain flag yada yada

I am a native spanish speaker


  • C#
  • HTML5 and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • Unity
  • Android Studio
  • Kotlin
  • SQL
  • Blender

Other skills

pencil and paper

I am good at writing texts and I communicate the best I can through them.

3dmodeling icom

I am interested in 3d modeling, animation and drawing. I have basic knowledge in these areas.



Desarrollo Humano Para Valientes (master degree project, thesis)

PNUD logo

This is an ongoing project developed in collaboration with the UNDP. The project consists of helping communities communicate their problems (around SDGs), teaching them how to record 360 empathy videos to tell their stories. A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will be developed in Coursera which will serve as a platform where people will experience these stories and propose solutions together with the communities to address these problems. (2022, Universidad de los Andes).

Training in seismic safety practices using virtual reality (degree project, thesis)

The project seeks to support the learning of prevention measures and safety protocols that must be applied to be better protected and prepared for an earthquake. This through the development of a virtual reality video game that improves knowledge retention. (Unity, Oculus Rift). Participant to the first Open Lab of Mixed Realities (2019, Universidad de los Andes).

CaracolTV - Desafío On Ice

Kinect runner game developed for CaracolTV. Children who attended the Disney on Ice event could be part of this interactive experience. they participated in an obstacle course representing one of the teams from the tv show “El Desafio”. they ran, jumped and ducked to be the first ones to reach the finish line.

Kinder - Natoons PhotoBooth

Using the new Azure Kinect to get the best quality pictures, the Natoons PhotoBooth allowed children to discover the new line of Kinder toys, the Natoons. The children could interact with the characters in real time (Augmented Reality) while a voice over told them interesting facts about the animals they represent and the importance of preserving their ecosystems. At the end of the experience they took a picture with the Natoon which was sent to their emails.

CC Titán Plaza - Guardianes de la Navidad

This project uses the Azure Kinect to help children meet the Guardians of Christmas. In this experience children scanned their paper toys and bring them to life. They could interact with the characters in real time (AR) and at the end of the experience they took a picture with the character which was printed for them to take home.

Envía - Media Maratón

Kinect runner game developed for Envía. the project was exposed in Expomedia during the Media Maratón 2019. People participated in an obstacle race where they ran and jumped to get rewards and the best completion time among the participants.

Rompe el ciclo

3dmodeling icom

This is a game developed for the Colombia game-dev-jam March 2020. The goal of the game is to build the right goldberg machine to avoid the fire.


Recicla ya

This project was for the Mixed reality application development course. It is a serious game in which the objective is to learn how to correctly classify recycling wastes.

Building decay simulation over time

This project was developed for the Interactive Visual Computing course. This project explores the creation of custom shaders to simulate the deterioration and collapse of a building over time.

Short procedural animation

The animation was developed for the Interactive Visual Computing course. It is an animation made in Unity where all the movement is generated procedurally.

Interactive scene with lights and textures

This project was developed for the Interactive Visual Computing course. This is an interactive scene in Unity in which I experimented with the use of lights and textures.

Exploration in empathy generation

This project was developed for the Mixed reality application development course. This is an interactive scene in Unity that explores the generation of empathy by putting the user in the place of a child being bullied.

VR trainer for cooking

For this project we explored the use of a tool, Twine , for the development of a VR trainer that teaches users how to cook some recipes.


3dmodeling icom

Patches was a bot deployed in facebook. It made use of IBM Watson technologies (language understanding) to help people cope with depression. The bot gave advices according to the dialogue and guide people to support networks.



3dmodeling icom

Web application created to provide a platform where people can adopt and put pets into adoption. Developed during the course “programming with web technologies”. (Meteor, React, MongoDB)


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